1. S-LFH Liquid Fuel HeaterWith functions of protection motor of overvoltage, inadequate voltage, electromagnetic valve, short circuit of electrical hot plug, open circuit protection, open circuit protection function of ignition sensor, the liquid fuel heaters can work safely and stably.
    1. S-LFHP Liquid Fuel HeaterUsing an advanced pulverization mode of high voltage spray and optimized design of oil-gas quota, this liquid fuel heater features good reliability, low failure rate, and discharge environmentally, economical to use, fully automatic and intellectualized control mode, use with more humanization.
    1. S-LGH Liquid Gas HeaterIt has environmentally friendly emission.
      The liquid has heater uses compact structure design, no quick-wear part, and low failure rate.
    1. Q-LFH Liquid Fuel Heater The liquid fuel heater is used in occasions of requirements of high heating and quick temperature rising. They can meet all the requirements: from all sorts of drive chambers, equipment storehouses, square storehouses, which have compact installation and small heat capacity, to various large-scale equipment with bigger heat capacity.
    1. W-H Engine Exhaust HeaterThe W-H engine exhaust heater is an energy saving environmentally friendly heating device. It makes use of the vehicle engine exhaust heat to heat liquid circularly through high efficient heat exchanger, then heat the vehicle body through the radiator.
    1. W-HX Engine Exhaust Heater MufflerThe engine exhaust gas heater muffler can be used on various bus models with different forms of the engine installation and use, such as large buses, medium buses, tourist buses, ambulances, blood collection buses, city buses, etc. It an also be used for winter heating and as a heat source of power generation plants with a variety of engines used.

Heater of Vehicle Heating System

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our heater of vehicle heating system includes truck heater, liquid gas heater, liquid fuel heater and engine exhaust heater, which are designed for warming and defrosting.

VehiClima Industry is professional heater of vehicle heating system manufacturer in China. We also offer truck air conditioner, transport refrigeration unit, engineering vehicle air conditioner, bus air conditioner, etc.

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