S-LGH Liquid Gas Heater

S-LGH Liquid Gas Heater

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Using a high voltage ignition device, the ignition time is less than 5s, burning noise is less than 66dB. The liquid gas heater features quick ignition, low burning noise and good reliability.
2. It uses spray pulverization technology and the burning efficiency is high.
3. It has environmentally friendly emission.
4.The liquid gas heater uses compact structure design, no quick-wear part, and low failure rate.
5. It is made of imported good quality heat-resistant stainless steel, which can ensure burning efficiency and the long lifespan of heaters.
6. It features fully automatic and intellectualized control mode. Real-time monitoring of the heater working condition.

Technical specifications

Model S-LGH250 S-LGH300 S-LGH350
Hot Flux 25 KW 30 KW 35 KW
Working Voltage 12/24 V 12/24 V 12/24 V
Power Consuming 180 W 180 W 180 W
Fuel Engine CNG Engine CNG Engine CNG
Air Consumption 2.5 M3/h 3.0 M3/h 3.5 M3/h
Air pressure 0.13 MPa 0.13 MPa 0.13 MPa
Weight 25 Kg 25 Kg 25 Kg
Dimension 600*340*280 mm 600*340*280 mm 600*340*280 mm

The liquid gas heater can be used on coaches, buses and warm big passenger buses for the low-temperature starting of engine and removing frost from the windshield.

VehiClima Industry is a professional liquid gas heater manufacturer in China. In addition, we also provide main battle vehicle air conditioner, cabinet air conditioner, window type special vehicle air conditioner, auto air conditioner parts, and more.

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