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What features does our bus air conditioner have?

1. Fashionable appearance, perfectly integrated with the bus body. High quality fiberglass epoxy resin case and cover, high in strength and resistance to vibration and corrosion.
2.Our wide bus air conditioning products can meet 5-25m all ranges of buses.
3. High quality, reliable working performance, abundant cooling capacity, low noisy and low power consumption make our A/C units are warmly welcomed in domestic and abroad OE markets.

4. Newest energy-saving technology adopted, meet USA and European environment-friendly policy. We pay high attention on environment protection, and always ready to improve our products to reduce energy consuming and return the human-being a green planet. Using our this technology, you can save 8-12% fuel consuming.


5. Water-proof electric connectors and fittings efficiently increase the system's reliability and maximizes the electric parts' lifespan.
6. Condenser Coil: Inside-screw copper tube, water-friendly ripple aluminum fins, make sure high efficient of heat exchanging; use aluminum-alloy support plate to replace metal-glazed plate, can stand tropical high humidity and salty climate.
7. Evaporator Coil: Inside-screw copper tube, water-friendly aluminum fins, make sure high efficient of heat exchanging; use aluminum-alloy support plate to replace metal-glazed plate, can stand tropical high humidity and salty climate.
8. Hydrophilic aluminum fins, fresh-air device, central control box. The water-proof grill of the evaporator coil can avoid blowing cold water into the air duct, this avoid inside panel damaged because of the possible water taking in by the blower.

9. It's our pleasure to tell you the fact that Mercedez Benz buses, Scania buses, Volvo buses, and some US military factory, they're using the same key components as what we VehiClima Industry are using now.
10. The key thermo components we adopted: Expansion valve, shut valve, sight glass are the best world brand: Denmark Danfoss.
11. Compressors we adopted is BOCK, Bitzer, Unicla, Valeo, the world advanced compressor.


12. Long-long life condenser fan SPAL Italy (life span over 12,000 hours) and Chinese top brand, maximized the heat exchanging rate of the condenser.
13. Water-proof AMP electric fittings can stand high moisture tropical climate perfectly, this can extend the lifespan of the electric items.
14. Bosch relays and Chinese famous brand relays is adopted, assure the reliable performance.


15. For overseas market, the controlling system we adopted is higher bus standard, which is easy to operate and more reliable and long lifespan.

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