1. VT30D Rooftop Mount Truck Air ConditionerFor its small size, rooftop mount truck air conditioner is perfectly suitable for integration with the truck cab.
      With high quality fiberglass epoxy resin case and cover, it features high strength ...

Truck Air Conditioner

We can manufacture DC electric powered air conditioner for trucks. Our DC truck air conditioner uses direct current components to power the air conditioners. The power source can be from banks of batteries. They are independent from the truck engine that uses fuel and needs to run the motor to keep the air conditioner working. They are very popular to truck sleepers. The main difference between a DC air conditioner and a conventional air conditioner is the use of the DC compressor motor and DC fan motors and its electrical components. During operation, this type of air conditioner is very quiet, powerful and very efficient.

We can supply auxiliary power unit for trucks and the traditional engine belt drive air conditioner for you. All models are made with high quality and competitively priced.

As a China-based manufacturer of truck air conditioner, certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001, VehiClima Industry also provides transport refrigeration unit, engineering vehicle air conditioner, bus air conditioner, recreation vehicle air conditioner, main battle vehicle air conditioner, cabinet air conditioner, window type special vehicle air conditioner, etc. Located in Zhengzhou City we have access to transportation by air and land. This guarantees lower transportation fees, reducing our production costs and saving customers on shipping charges. If you would like more information on any of our products, we welcome you to contact us at any time!

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