S-LFH Liquid Fuel Heater

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The water jacket heater is connected with the excavator to achieve low-temperature waste heat engine function, to avoid the cold start, and reduce the wear of engine start. The automatic control and realize an automatic constant temperature of the circulating medium in the 70-83 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 70 degrees, it can use engine waste heat through the forced circulation pumps for heating and save energy consumption.

1.The liquid fuel heater is made of heat-resistant stainless steel materials. With compact structure, it is easy to install and maintain. Adopt form of centrifugal pulverization, burn adequately, and heat efficiency is high.
2.It uses SCM to realize fully automatic program control with constant temperature control function. The liquid fuel heater can unvaryingly keep the temperature of circular water (antifreeze) between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius and consequently control burning in the heater and temperature inside the vehicle.
3. With functions of protection motor of overvoltage, inadequate voltage, electromagnetic valve, short circuit of electrical hot plug, open circuit protection, open circuit protection function of ignition sensor, the liquid fuel heaters can work safely and stably.
4. With a high efficient burning chamber and heat exchanger, using imported good quality heat-resistant stainless steel, the heaters have good burning efficiency and long lifespan.
5. This kind liquid fuel heater is suitable for heating of various kinds of coach compartments and low-temperature starting of water cooling engine.

Technical specifications

Picture S-LFH Liquid Fuel Heater S-LFH Liquid Fuel Heater
Model S-LFH116 S-LFH163 S-LFH198
Hot Flux 11.6 KW 16.3 KW 19.8 KW
Oil Consuming 1.4 L/h 1.68 L/h 2.16 L/h
Working Voltage 24(12) V 24(12) V 24(12) V
Power Consuming 215 W 215 W 80 W
Weight 18 Kg 22 Kg 215 Kg
Dimension (mm) 490*303*217 545*310*270 563*320*310
Applied buses 6-7m buses 7-8m buses 8-9m buses
Picture S-LFH Liquid Fuel Heater
Model S-LFH233 S-LFH279 S-LFH350
Hot Flux 23.3 KW 27.9 KW 35 KW
Oil Consuming 2.5 L/h 2.93 L/h 3.85 L/h
Working Voltage 24(12) V 24(12) V 24(12) V
Power Consuming 233 W 233 W 253 W
Weight 30 Kg 30 Kg 35 Kg
Dimension (mm) 608*330*310 608*330*310 645*330*310
Applied buses 10m buses 11m buses Over 12m buses

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