S-LFHP Liquid Fuel Heater

S-LFHP Liquid Fuel Heater

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Using an advanced pulverization mode of high voltage spray and optimized design of oil-gas quota, this liquid fuel heater features good reliability, low failure rate, and discharge environmentally, economical to use, fully automatic and intellectualized control mode, use with more humanization.

1. It uses spray pulverization technology and the burning efficiency is very high.
2. Using a high voltage ignition device, the ignition time is less than 5s, burning noise is less than 66dB. The liquid fuel heater features quick ignition, low burning noise and good reliability.
3. Starting is more electricity-efficient and the electricity consumption of the ignition device is 5% that of an electrical hot plug. It can greatly relieve the burden of the battery.
4. The heater supports diagnosis and identification function of intellectual failures.
5. With the protection function of overvoltage and negative voltage, the heater can stop for the purpose of protection when the load voltage is higher than DC32V or lower than DC20V.
6. The liquid fuel heater is made of heat-resistant stainless steel material and its key parts, such as oil pump, oil nozzle are imported. They have a long lifespan and stable oil pressure.

Technical specifications

Model S-LFHP200 S-LFHP250 S-LFHP300 S-LFHP350
Hot Flux 20 KW 25 KW 30 KW 35 KW
Oil Consuming 2.1 L/h 2.7 L/h 3.4 L/h 3.85 L/h
Working Voltage 24(12) V 24(12) V 24(12) V 24(12) V
Power Consuming 214 W 214 W 214 W 214 W
Weight 20 Kg 23 Kg 23 Kg 23 Kg
Dimension 580*365*232 mm 585*355*285 mm 585*355*285 mm 585*355*285 mm

The liquid fuel heater can be used on big buses, to warm big passenger buses for low-temperature starting of engine and windshield frost-removing.

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