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Valeo Zexel

As original made compressors, Valeo DKP/DKS/TM series have these advantages, such as high reliability and performance, low noise and vibration, high efficiency and durability, smooth operation and so on.

TM Series

Model TM-13 TM-15 TM-16
Displacement 131 cm3/rev 147 cm3/rev 163 cm3/rev
Number of pistons 6
Range 700-6000
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Oil ZXL 100PG 150 cm3 ZXL 100PG 150 cm3 ZXL 100PG 180 cm3
Weight 6.3 Kg (with clutch) 6.5 Kg (with clutch) 7.1 Kg (with clutch)
Mount Ear or Direct

TM21, TM31/DKS32

Model TM-21 TM-31 / DKS-32
Displacement 215 cm3 /rev. 313 cm3 /rev.
Number of pistons 10
Range 700-6000 700-5000
Refrigerant HFC-134a HFC-134a
Oil ZXL 100PG 180 cm3 ZXL100PG (PAG oil)
Weight 8.1 Kg (with clutch) 15.5 Kg (with clutch)
Mount Direct Direct


Model TM-55 TM-65
Technology Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement 550cc/33.56 in3 635cc/38.75 in3
Number of Cylinders 14(7 double-headed pistons)
Revolution Range 600-4000 rpm
Direction of Rotation Clockwise(viewed from clutch)
Bore 38.5mm(1.52 in)
Stroke 33.7mm(1.30 in) 38.9mm(1.53 in)
Lubrication System Lubrication by oil pump
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Oil(Quantity) ZXL 100PG PAG oil (1500cc/0.40gal) (or POE Option)
Weight 18.1Kg/39.9Ib (w/o Clutch)
Mounting Direct (Side or Base)

Note: It will be packaged in cartons.

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