FK20/30/40/50 SERIES compressor for bus air-conditioning and transport refrigeration
1. As we know, Bock is outstanding world famous brand, and the Bock compressor has good performance, which features stable quality and durable long life.
2. The Bock compressor has unsurpassed lightweight, compact and robust design and a large speed range.
3. One special innovation constitutes the so-called K version with a unique valve plate system for the toughest demands in mobile air-conditioning.

Technical specifications

Bock Available versions Swept volume ccm
FK20/120K 118
FK20/120N 118
FK20/145K 143
FK20/145N 143
FK20/170K 170
FK20/170N 170
Bock Available versions Swept volume ccm
FK30/235K 233
FK30/235N 233
FK30/275K 277
FK30/275N 277
FK30/325K 325
FK30/325N 325
Bock Available versions Swept volume ccm
FK40/390K 385
FK40/390N 385
FK40/470K 466
FK40/470N 466
FK40/560K 554
FK40/560N 554
FK40/655K 650
FK40/655N 650
Bock Available versions Swept volume ccm
FK50/460K 459
FK50/460N 459
FK50/555K 466
FK50/555N 466
FK50/660K 662
FK50/660N 662
FK50/775K 776
FK50/775N 776

Note: It will be packaged in cartons.

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