Truck Heater

Truck Heater

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Using volatile atomization technology, the fuel oil directly volatilizes to gas and then burn stably
2. This Airtronic heater is made of heat-resistant stainless steel material. With compact structure and smart size, the Airtronic heater is easy to install and maintain.
3.It has high combustion efficiency >99%, low energy consumption, reliable performance, and quick heating up.
4. Using frequency conversion PWM to control the electromagnetic pump, the Airtronic heater features low power consumption.
5. The heating capacity can be step-less controlled from 1.25KW to 5 KW, and can be set as automatic temperature from 10℃ to 30 ℃.
6. The Airtronic heater supports the safety guard and auto diagnosis function, time-set and remote-control function is optional.
7. There is low noise, a muffler is optional.
8. Using aluminum alloy, free from extraneous odor, the exhaust emission meets the European environment requirements.
9. The max heating capacity of this Airtronic heater can reach 6.5KW, which is the largest heating capacity among products of the same level.
10. It uses a waterproof plug-ins for key parts.

Technical specifications

Model K-ACH35 K-ACH50
Hot Flux 3.5KW 5KW
Oil Consuming 0.45 L/h 0.63 L/h
Working Voltage 24V/12V 24V/12V
Power Consuming 50W 80W
Air Blowing 160 m3/h 220 m3/h
Noise Level <60 dB <60 dB
Weight 9 Kg 9 Kg
Overall Size 500X200X175mm 500X200X175mm
Vehicle Applications Suitable for warming and defrosting of 8-12 m3 special vehicles, equipment cabins, heat preservation cabins, driving cabins of trucks.

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