Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner

Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our double decker bus air conditioner VB48DD is designed for 12-14m long double decker bus. It features big power cooling capacity,economically efficient and reliable performance. This double decker bus air conditioner adops environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a and world first class brand key parts. Rear mount installation make it very easy to equip the A/C unit on the double decker bus.

Technical Specifications

Model VB48DD
Standard Cooling Capacity 48000Kcal/h
Max Cooling Capacity 50000 Kcal/h
Refrigerant HFCR134a
Compressor Model Bitzer 6PFCY
displacement 836cc
Weight 35Kg
Evaporator Type Cooper Tube & Aluminium fins
Blower Type Double Axle Centrifugal Flow
Blower Quantity 10
Blower Output 8500 m3/h
Condenser Type Cooper Tube & Aluminium fins
Fan Type Axial Flow
Fan Quantity 7
Fan Output 14700 m3/h
Control System Bus Interior Temperature 16℃-27℃ Adjustable
Defrosting Protection 2℃
High Pressure Protection 2.5Mpa
Low Pressure Protection 0.05Mpa
Fresh Air Exchange Rate 25%
External Dimension 2040×1007×690mm
Total current ≤150A(24V)
Applying Buses 12-14m Double Decker Bus

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