Big Bus Air Conditioner
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Big Bus Air Conditioner

1. The roof-mount layout makes the big bus air conditioner convenient to open and overhaul.
2. The fashionable streamline design perfectly integrates with the blue body.
3. With its high quality fiberglass epoxy resin case and cover, the big bus air conditioner has high strength and high resistance to vibration and corrosion.
4. It has abundant cooling capacity, low noise and lower power consumption.
5. World-brands key parts assure the system's reliability and stability.
6. The water-proof electric fittings efficiently increase the system's reliability and lifespan of the electric parts.
7. Universal parts' application leads maintaining interchangeability, lowering after-sales service costs.
8. The big bus air conditioner can be used on 12m intercity buses, 12m tour coaches and 11m city buses.


Model VB30
Standard Cooling Capacity 30000Kcal/h (34.9KW, 119040 Btu/h)
Max Cooling Capacity 32000 Kcal/h
Refrigerant HFCR134a
Compressor Model 4NFCY
displacement 647cc
Evaporator Type Cooper Tube & Aluminium fins
Blower Type Double Axle Centrifugal Flow
Blower Quantity 8
Blower Output 8000 m3/h
Dimension 2387×1862×190 mm
Condenser Type Cooper Tube & Aluminium fins
Fan Type Axial Flow
Fan Quantity 5
Fan Output 10000 m3/h
Dimension 2338×1862×190 mm
Control System Bus Interior Temperature 16℃-27℃ Adjustable
Defrosting Protection 2℃
High Pressure Protection 2.5Mpa
Low Pressure Protection 0.05Mpa
Fresh Air Exchange Rate 25%
External Dimension 4725×1862×190mm
Total current ≤118A(24V)
Applying Buses 11-12m Bus

Note: One year (12 months) warranty period since the date the products have been installed.

As a Chinese manufacturer of big bus air conditioner, VehiClima Industry also provides auxiliary power unit truck air conditioner, DC electric truck air conditioner, van refrigeration unit, rooftop mount air conditioner, etc.

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