Under Seat Mount Air Conditioner
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Under Seat Mount Air Conditioner

1. Under seat mounted, which can save spaces. And there will be no effect on appearance of the air conditioner.
2. OEM supply for Liugong, Xugong, Sanyi, Xiagong, Changgong, etc.
3. With high quality case, this under seat mount air conditioner features high strength and high resistance to vibration and corrosion.
4. Large cooling capacity, low noisy, low power consumption.
5. Top quality parts assure the system's reliability and stability.
6. Water -proof connectors efficiently increase the under seat mount air conditioner's reliability and electric parts' lifespan.
7. Universal parts' application leads maintaining interchangeability, lowering after-sales service costs.

Technical Data

Model VH46Z
Cooling Capacity 4650W
Heating Capacity 5040W
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant Charge Amount 1.1Kg
Total Current 26A(35℃,12V)/ 13A(35℃,24V)
Airflow 550 m3/h
Control Panel Digital Display
Overall Dimension 460*405*245mm
Applied vehicles Excavator, Loading Truck, Road Roller, etc.

Note: Standard cartons in shipping package.
           One year (12 months) warranty period since the date the products have been installed.

VehiClima Industry is an ambulance car air conditioner manufacturer in China. In addition to bus air conditioner, we also offer truck air conditioner, engineering vehicle air conditioner, recreational vehicle air conditioner, main battle vehicle air conditioner, and more.

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