DC Electric Powered Truck Air Conditioner

DC Electric Powered Truck Air Conditioner

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The DC electric powered truck air conditioner finds applications in a wide range of places because of its non-installation for the engine-drive compressor.
2. As a module type truck air conditioner, it is easy to install.
3. It uses a hermetic integrated electric brushless motor (BLDC) compressor which features low noise and less vibration. This provides the driver a good driving environment.
4. Direct current drive, there is no need for converter.
5. For users' convenience, this DC powered truck air conditioner comes with three working modes that are automatic, manual and nighttime working modes. Meanwhile, the system offers abundant cooling capacity and is an ideal solution to offer comfort to truck drivers.
6. It offers over or under voltage and compressor over heat auto-switch-off protection to avoid draining the battery bank to make sure the driver can start the engine at anytime.
7. As a kind DC electric powered air conditioner, it can be used on many kinds of trucks and engineering vehicles. This model is very popular in truck sleepers.

Main Technical Specifications

Model YXDT02S-1 YXDT02S-2
Type Split system. DC powered
Cooling Capacity 1720 Kcal/h (2.0KW, 6820 Btu)
Voltage DC12V DC24V
Standard Total Current(Daytime mode) ≤49A ≤27A
Standard Total Current(Night mode) ≤32A ≤17A
Evaporator Airflow 650 m3/h
Condenser Airflow 1700 m3/h
Compressor Type Scroll compressor
Displacement 21cc/r 21cc/r
Evaporator Dimension 720×310×105mm
Condenser Dimension 699.5×488×187.5mm
Evaporator Weight 6.8Kg
Condenser Weight 34.15Kg
Refrigerant/Charge Amount R134a/0.8kg
Applying Vehicle Commercial vehicle, Heavy duty truck.

Note: Standard cartons in a shipping package.
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