Container Truck Refrigeration Unit

Container Truck Refrigeration Unit

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

VR760 container truck refrigeration unit can be used for 40-48m3 container truck.

Technical specifications

Unit Model VR-760
Applicable Temperature (℃) 15 ~ -18℃
Applicable Volume (m3) 40 ~ 48
Refrigerating Capacity (W) Environmental Temperature 35℃
0 ℃ 7000
- 18℃ 3250
Compressor Model UPF170
Type Swash Plate Design
Displacement (cc/r) 172
Lubrication Oil POE-68H (Unidap 4)
Condenser Type Inner Screw Copper Tube and Aluminum Fin
Fan Type Axial Flow
Fan Quantity 2
Voltage DC24V/12V
Evaporator Type Inner Screw Copper Tube and Aluminum Fin
Fan Type Double Axle Centrifugal Flow
Fan Quantity 2
Voltage DC24V/12V
Throttle Type External Equalizer Expansion Valve
Refrigerant R404A
Refrigerant Charge Amount (kgs) 3.2kg
Defrost Type Hot Gas Defrosting
Structure Type Split, Dependent Type
Installation Type Front-mounted
Overall Dimension (mm) Evaporator 1600×600×200
Condenser 1320×500×430
Weight (kg) Evaporator 38
Condenser 85

Note: Standard cartons in shipping packaging.
           One year (12 months) warranty period since the date the products have been installed.

VehiClima Industry is a container truck refrigeration unit manufacturer in China. Our primary products include transport refrigeration unit, truck air conditioner, engineering vehicle air conditioner, and recreational vehicle air conditioner, etc.

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