DC Powered Truck Air Conditioner

DC Powered Truck Air Conditioner

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our DC powered truck air conditioner is included in our roof-top unit series.

Fully DC powered, our truck air conditioner features high reliability, high efficiency, easy installation and operation, battery power monitor, low noise, no idling, no fuel consumption, and no pollution.

The DC powered truck air conditioner has a heating function enabling it to be used throughout the entire year.

Model VDC28D2HR
Voltage DC24V
Refrigerant/Charge Volume R134a/630g
Compressor Displacement 18 cm3
Lubricant Oil PAG46
Max. Rotary Speed 3800 RPM
Cooling Cooling Capacity 2800Watts 9600Btu/h
Power Consuming 1100 Watts
Rated Current 42 A
Cool Air Flow 550 m3/h
EER 2.8
Heating Heating Capacity 3500Watts 12000Btu/h
Power Consuming 1050Watts
Rated Current 43.5A
Warm Air Flow 580 m3/h
COP 3.25
Control System Inside Temperature 18~30℃Adjustable
Defrost Temperature 1~2 ℃
Wind Speed 3 steps
Safety Device Compound Switch 2.0Mpa OFF/0.03MpaOFF
Power Loss Protection Low Voltage Settings 20V
Restart Voltage Settings 23.8 V
Unit Weight 42 kgs
Unit Oversize 885x710x290mm
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