DC Powered Truck Air Conditioner

DC Powered Truck Air Conditioner

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This DC powered truck air conditioner is part of our split unit series for back-wall mounting, with electric heating function.

Fully DC powered, the truck air conditioner offers high efficiency, high reliability, battery power monitor, low noise, easy installation, easy operation, no idling, no fuel consumption, and no pollution.

The DC powered truck air conditioner can be mounted on the outdoor back-wall condenser unit at rear of the cab. The indoor cool unit can also be mounted on the rear wall. Only one small hole is needed for the refrigerant hoses, drain pipe and electric cabling. There is no need to cut any large openings. Just connect the two units with the prefilled hoses equipped with self-sealing quick connectors and it will cool!

The truck air conditioner offers a comfortable and perfect night's sleep. Most drivers use the air conditioner while driving to save fuel and savings up to 10% while driving have been reported. While resting, the saving is 3.8 liter/1 gallon an hour.

Voltage DC12V DC24V
Cooling Capacity 1600Watts5500Btu 2000Watts 7000 Btu
Heating Capacity 720Watts 2500Btu 1450Watts 5000Btu
Power Consumption Max. Cooling 480 Watts 40 A 480 Watts 20 A
Heating 720Watts 60 A 1450Watts 60 A
Refrigerant/Charge Volume R134a/800g R134a/800g
Compressor Displacement 36 cm3 36 cm3
Lubricant RL-68H RL-68H
RPM Range 1000 ~ 4500 1000 ~4500
Continuous RPM Limit 3000 RPM 3000 RPM
Evaporator Type Tube And Fin Tube And Fin
Cool Air Flow 250 m3 250 m3
Current 3.5 A 2 A
Condenser Type Concurrent Flow Concurrent Flow
Warm Air Flow 400 m3/h 400 m3/h
Current 6 A 3.5 A
Control System Inside Temperature 5~32℃Adjustable 5~32℃Adjustable
Defrost Temperature 1~2 ℃ 1~2 ℃
Wind Speed 3 steps 3 steps
Safety Device Compound Switch 2.5Mpa OFF/0.05MpaOFF 2.5Mpa OFF/0.05MpaOFF
Power Loss Protection Low Voltage Settings 10.5 V 21 V
Restart Voltage Settings 11.9 V 23.8 V
Unit Weight Outdoor unit: 34kgs, Indoor unit: 8.3kgs
Unit Oversize Outdoor unit: 488x700x188mm Indoor unit:720x310x105mm
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