Van Refrigeration Unit
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Van Refrigeration Unit

For Frozen 4.5㎥ ~ Fresh 8㎥ Truck
Container Size Frozen -25 ℃ 4.5 ㎥
-20 ℃ 5.5 ㎥
-15 ℃ 5.5 ㎥
-10 ℃ 6.5 ㎥
Fresh/chilled -5 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ up to 8 ㎥
Truck Size 1-2 tons
Cooling capacity
Temperature kW Kcal/h Btu/h
Cooling Capacity 0 ℃ 2.43 2089 8360
-18 ℃ 1.21 1040 4160

ISO standard, 35℃ ambient temperature, compressor speed: 1800rpm

Other Specification
Condenser Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 835 x 640 x 200
Eva. Dimensions(L x W x H, mm) 990 x 600 x 135
Motor Quantity (pcs) 1
Air Flow (m3/h) 900
Weight (kgs) 43
Comp. Model TM13
Displacement 138cc
R404a (kgs) 1.2

System components:
Condenser unit
Super slim evaporator unit
Engine driven compressor
Installation kit
In-cab digital control system
Standby unit (optional)
HFC R404a chlorine zero
Singapore or Japan original compressor
Defrost type:
Auto/manual hot gas defrosting

DC12V / DC24V
Split type truck refrigeration unit:

The split type refrigeration unit meets frozen and chilled application requirements for small, medium and large refrigeration trucks. The mobile refrigeration unit's compressor is driven using the vehicle engine. The electrical standby unit is optional, and its compressor is driven by an electric motor.

The condenser has 3 mount types: rooftop, front wall (nose), and under skirt mounts. We also have RV, RS, and RU 3 series TR units.

The RV unit is primarily for refrigeration trucks. The condenser is front wall mounted on the truck's container. The RU series unit is most commonly used on refrigeration trucks were the installation space for the condenser on the truck container's front wall is too limited, meaning it has to be mounted under the truck's skirt.

Application Perfect performance for mid-sized trucks
Cond. & Evap. Unique aerodynamic condenser design of durable FRP cover
Super slim evaporator with high airflow
Performance High refrigeration capacity, f ast cooling down
Components All key components are imported brands to ensure the system's reliable performance
Serviceable Design Easy installation and low maintenance cost
User-friendly Microprocessor based in-cab controller, multi-function program
Advanced Tech Advanced temperature control technologies, which ensure low operation cost
Options Hot gas heating system
Multi-temperature system
Electric standby unit
GPS intelligent managing system
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