Mini Bus Air Conditioner
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Mini Bus Air Conditioner

1. The roof-mount layout makes the mini bus air conditioner convenient to open and overhaul.
2. Fashionable streamline design, perfectly integrating with the bus body and reducing air resistance in driving.
3. The mini bus air conditioner has abundant cooling capacity, low noise and low power consumption.
4. World-brands refrigeration key parts assure the reliable working performance and super quality..
5. The water-proof electric fittings efficiently increase the system's reliability and lifespan of the electric parts.
6. With its high quality fiberglass epoxy resin case and cover, this mini bus air conditioner features high strength and high resistance to vibration and corrosion. It is used for Iveco bus 40.10.

Note: One year (12 months) warranty period since the date the products have been installed.

As a Chinese mini bus air conditioner manufacturer, we also offer air duct mount air conditioner, rooftop mount truck air conditioner, articulated bus air conditioner, container truck refrigeration unit, APU truck air conditioner, and more.

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