Main Products
    1. Van Refrigeration Unit
    2. Van Refrigeration UnitThe van refrigeration unit is a split type unit, and is a 2 pieced unit. It can meet frozen and chilled application requirements for miniature ...
    1. VB11 Mini Bus Air ConditionerWorld-brands refrigeration key parts assure the reliable working performance and super quality.
    1. Recreation Vehicle Air Conditioner
    2. Recreation Vehicle Air ConditionerThe recreation vehicle air conditioner is small in size, light weight and has a streamline appearance design which can work ...
    1. Mini Bus Air Conditioner
    2. Midi Bus Air ConditionerOur Mid Bus Air Conditioner is designed for 7-9m buses.
      Roof-mount layout makes convenient opening and overhauling.
    1. City Bus Air Conditioner
    2. City Bus Air ConditionerRoof-mount layout makes it convenient to open and overhaul.
      With high quality fiberglass epoxy resin case and cover, the city bus air ...