Recreation Vehicle Air Conditioner
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Recreation Vehicle Air Conditioner

Our recreational vehicle air conditioner offers a low profile and 115V/60Hz. The heating style for this air conditioner is compressor drive.

Technical specifications

Model VAC1-4045DHR
Cooling Capacity 4000W/13760Btu/h
Cooling Consumed Power 1740W
Heating Capacity 4500W/15500Btu/h
Refrigerant R410a
Voltage/Hz (single phase) 110-120V/60Hz
Circulating Air Volume Indoor 670 m3/h
Indoor Noise ≤55dB
Anti-Crash (g/ms) 15/11
Vibration (Hz/g) 5-200-5/1.5
Ambient Temperature (℃) -45 ~ 55 ℃
Oversize of Roof-top Unit 885x710x290mm
Weight (kg) 47
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